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If you are looking for all the must-see attractions of Sofia and in the same time crave an inclusive experience of the city - you are at the right place! We are passionate expert guides and we offer you a true Sofia experience!

The Ultimate Sightseeing of Sofia

Did you know that Sofia whose old name was Serdica used to be a major center in the Roman Empire? Constantine the Great even said "Serdica is my Rome" and the city was nearly chosen as the new Roman capital in 4th century. Learn more about the rich history of Sofia in our walking Sofia Sightseeing Tour!

The Taste of Sofia

After its Liberation in 1878 Bulgaria was a monarchy and during this time some of the most prominent European architects transformed the small Oriental town into a real European capital which used to be called "The Little Vienna". Enjoy the architecture of Sofia properly with a glass of quality Bulgarian wine and a stomach full of Bulgarian happiness. Visit specially selected food venues while enjoying the historical centre of Sofia with our walking Traditional Food and Wine Tour!

Private City Tours

After the Second World War Sofia was covered in ruins and the ruling party decided to rebuild its new administrative center in the spirit of socialism - the nowadays Largo square. The new architecture was entirely influenced by the so called "socialist Stalinist realism". Learn about the communist heritage or many other thematic tour options in a tailor-made for you Private Tour of Sofia!

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Angela Harrison
UK Business Owner
"And boy, it didn’t disappoint! Our Guides, Stella & Marina were both knowledgeable & passionate about their country. Every food stop offered something uniquely different, a real flavour of Bulgarian specialities.  The Rye drink was gorgeous, who knew?! The little dessert shop, incredibly quaint & Wow, those cakes!! The absolute highlight was the Wine Tasting & I’ve done a lot of them, all over the world!  Our host was delightful. We tasted 6 wines from a variety of unique Bulgarian grapes & terroir. Each precisely & professionally guided."
Good Vibes, Places and Food.

Charming Sofia

Sofia is a city to fall in love with for it’s a place of open hearts and diverse cultures living under one roof. The city offers amazing opportunities to witness centuries of history at the palm of your hand. Enjoy our walking sightseeing and food tours and have your ultimate experience of Bulgarian culture and cuisine!

"The tour was amazing! Our guide took us to places where we could enjoy awesome local food and traditions. She also was charming as well! I would like to recommend this tour! Also the wines where the best we tasted in Sofia!"
Jolly J
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