The Experience

Is the tour suitable for children or teenagers?

As much as we love children we would always suggest you discuss the tour with them, and see if they seem interested. We would love to take them on board but it would be up to you to make sure they know what is going to happen and that they will be enjoying it!

Is there sightseeing included?

We are going to walk around the central parts, and seeing interesting stuff is part of the deal, but true sightseeing isn’t involved here. We would like to present to you a real local gastronomical experience, and sightseeing of 8 millennia city cannot just be squeezed in between! We do however offer a full on sightseeing experience of Sofia

Can I get a discount if I don’t drink alcohol?

We're sorry, but we have to say no. In a land where wine is more affordable than imaginable, non-alcoholic options come, strange enough, at a high cost. But don’t worry: we can offer a non-alcoholic option wherever we go at no additional charge.

How much walking is there during the tour?

Just enough walking to get us between the stops, all of which are within the central city area. After all it is a food tour, not a marathon! We’re talking about something a bit more than a mile. Please let us know in advance in case you do have mobility issues so we can try to choose a specific itinerary that will reduce walking to a minimum. We can also agree to use alternative modes of transport between the stops. We want you to be happy and comfortable.

I am a vegetarian/vegan/lactose intolerant/celiac. Is there stuff I can eat?

For Vegetarians, celiacs and lactose intolerant: we can offer you options but with some restrictions. For vegans: much more difficult... Bulgarian cuisine has close to nothing if you can’t eat butter, yoghurt, milk or cheese. We do our best to accommodate every preference, allergy or restriction though we still want to show what Bulgarian cuisine is all about. This is the land of yoghurt! Just expect a different menu if you’re vegetarian, celiac or can’t process dairy. And if you’re more of these things at once, write us an email explaining your preferences. We will let you know if we can work with your restrictions.

I am traveling solo - can I join?

We cannot run tours for one (unless it’s a private tour). Therefore, please contact us first, and in case the date which you want to join has already been booked you are more than welcome to join in! If not, we will discuss viable alternatives (like joining another tour) in due time. (If you want a private tour for one, please send us an email.)

Can we have private experiences like this one but possible to customize?

We have regular tours and private tours. The regular ones are designed as semi-private events with a group size of no more than 10 people. Therefore, if you are enquiring as a couple, for instance, another couple or two may join the tour. If you want a private experience instead, please send us an email. We will work something out but please note that private tours are subject to additional charges.


Our tours start at two fixed timings a day – the “early rise” from 11am and the “late owl” at 3pm. In case you have a specific request regarding the start and end of the tour, please send us an email

Our meeting point is Sofia University and we finish somewhere on bul. Vitosha (Sofia’s main pedestrian street)

We have a sign with the awesome orange logo of Sofia Top Tours. And we wait right at the very central entrance of the Sofia University – at the stairs between the statues of the two sitting men.


The price includes all the food and drinks, lots of both. We will be taking care of all the payments. Other things included: some gifts at the end of the tour, lots of tips, recommendations and general advice before, during and after the tour.

At the time of booking payment will be requested. Good for you – pay easily and securely online. 


How long will you wait for me?

Please try to be on time but in case you are running late (more than 10-15 minutes) and you still want to join the tour, call us. We will let you know where and when you can meet us.

How bad does the weather have to be for the tour to be cancelled?

We design our tours with the possibility of bad weather in mind, and we spend most of our time indoors. If we expect bad weather, we will inform you accordingly (e.g. “take an extra layer”, “bring an umbrella” etc.). We will cancel the tour only if the conditions are truly extreme.

What is your cancellation policy?

If we receive your written cancellation notice at least 2 days (48 hours) or more prior to the date, we will return the full payment. Note that all bank charges in this case will be charged on you. If we receive it less than 48 hours prior to the date, there will be no refund to the paid guided service. For even more info on such matters please check our Terms and Conditions!

Who is the company running the Traditional Food and Wine tour?

Sofia Top Tours is a service for Guided Walking Tours provided by Tour Guides Bulgaria LTD, ID No. 205644660. Address: Mara Buneva str., 116, bl. 2 B, apt. 21, Sofia, 1225, Bulgaria.

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