Sofia Sightseeing Tour – an ultimate insight

Sofia, the capital of Bulgaria, is an ancient city whose territory has been continuously inhabited for millennia. The Thracian tribe of Serdi put its foundations and later the settlement became a major centre of the Roman province Thracia – called after the tribe – Serdica.

The following centuries this territory would go in different hands – Byzantine, Bulgarian and Ottoman. Due to its strategic position on the main road (“Via Militaris” as the Romans called it) from Europe to Asia and Africa, Sofia remained of high interest to every empire around.

Nowadays Sofia is an important economic, educational and cultural center and enjoys growing tourist attention. Due to its outstanding sights and surrounding natural beauties it is a must visit destination on the Balkan Peninsula. Sofia preserves many valuable monuments to its long and storied past.

Visitors exploring the city’s streets can see remnants of The Eastern Gate from the days when Sofia was a fortress and an important administrative center of the Roman Empire between the 1st-4th century.

The most popular tourist attractions are St. Alexander Nevsky Cathedral, the second biggest orthodox church on the Balkans, St. George Rotunda – the oldest preserved to its roof building (4th century) and St. Sophia Basilica – the oldest church, symbol of Sofia, built in the 6th century.

Other places of interest seen on the tour are the Parliament, the National Theatre “Ivan Vazov”- one of the most beautiful buildings in town, the former Royal Palace, the President’s office, the central mineral springs, and many many more!

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