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Are you coming to Bulgaria eager to explore this amazing land? Are you ready to have a great time with hospitable people and tasty food? Enjoy Sofia with a tailor made personal experience specially designed for you, your family, friends and group.

We are a professional team of licensed and experienced tour guides and we are looking forward to preparing your customized city adventure.

A special touch to our high quality service is the passion with which we prepare every single request we receive! Tell us what you are interested in – whether it will be things to do in and around Sofia, visiting local traditional festivals, tasting Bulgarian food and wines – you name it, we are ready to take you all the way and make your time worthwhile!

Our approach is to create a unique personalized itinerary and offer you flexibility on planning, budget and experience.

Here are some ideas to have in mind when deciding what you want to do around here!
Contact us for more ideas or share yours with us and we will make it happen in the best way!

History, Culture & Arts in Sofia

Guided walking tour to the most popular museums and galleries, such as: Sofia History Museum, National Archaeological Museum, National Historical Museum, Museum of Socialist Art, National Art Gallery, Gallery Square 500, Ethnographic Museum.

Temples of Sofia

Guided walking tour to the temples of Sofia, representing three of the worldwide religions - temples of Christianity Orthodox and Catholic, including the Crypt of St. Alexander Nevsky, the Synagogue and the Mosque.

Roman Empire Heritage

A visit to the Roman heritage of Sofia, including the Eastern and Western gates of the fortified city, the Roman Amphitheater, the Largo complex with houses of rich Romans, the Rotunda St. George, Roman streets and the Roman Early Christian necropolis, including a visit to the underground Tombs Museum.

Traditional Food and Drinks

Guided walking tour to the uniqueness of Bulgarian traditional cuisine. Dive in and experience a gastronomical adventure with local wines and seasonal exquisite food specialities. Food tours can be nicely combined with sightseeing!

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